lemon jones spar

*Just hours after being tear gassed on-air, CNN’s Don Lemon and Van Jones got into it on live television over the nature of Monday night’s Ferguson protests, with Jones accusing Lemon of “insulting” the people of Ferguson by painting the demonstrations as predominantly violent.

“In my estimation there’s been too much political correctness, trying to appease protesters,” Lemon began, according to Mediate. “I don’t mean appease the people out there peacefully. There was nothing peaceful about last night.”

Jones continued his line from last night: that the vast majority of demonstrators were peaceful, and only a few “knuckleheads” were causing the problems. “I can’t let this stand,” Jones said. “This is an insult to the people out there last night…It was an insult to the people of Ferguson, who have done more than 100 trainings for nonviolence.”

Lemon disagreed, and the discussion quickly became heated, with “New Day” host Chris Cuomo stepping in several times and play peacemaker.

Watch below: