al sharpton*Al Sharpton isn’t playing! Sony head Amy Pascal has some explaining to do or as he said, “I’m gonna give her a lotta heck about the hack.”

Either she needs to really see the error of Sony’s ways when she meets up with Sharpton before the release of “Annie” or her job could be in jeopardy after the hack of revealing racist emails.

“I was very offended by the emails that were hacked. She called me. I told her how I felt. She said she wanted to sit down in person.,” Sharpton said.

He added, “Marc Morial of the Urban League, Cornell Brooks of NAACP and myself representing National Action Network will sit down with her.”

He continued with, “and we’ll determine there if whether we are going to join in cause for her resignation or whether she’s going to really serious deal with the fact that Hollywood really reflects a lot of what was said in that conversation.”

Sharpton told TMZ there are no blacks with any real decision-making power at Sony let alone much diversity at the top in Hollywood.

“But right now Hollywood’s like the Rocky Mountains.. the higher up it goes, the whiter it looks,” he said.

He’s not buying into the whole Quvenzhane Wallis, a young black actress, taking on the role of “Annie” — claiming they’re simply selling a product — finding  the studio problematic when it comes to race.

Speaking of which, he was offended specifically with what he found to be absurd, ignorant comments about President Barack Obama only liking black films.

Watch the interview below: