alimi ballard

Alimi Ballard

*Alimi Ballard perhaps best known as FBI agent David Sinclair from the CBS television drama series “Numb3rs” – is on the Lifetime cable television channel as one of the stars of “The Santa Con.”

“It’s a moral tale that makes you laugh the whole time,” Ballard maintained.

The made for television movie, premiering (tonight) Saturday, December 13, (8 p.m. ET) focuses on a small-time con man named Nick DeMarco played by Barry Watson. The “Hart of Dixie” star’s character is required by his parole officer to take a low paying job as Santa at a department store. While there he meets an angel played by Wendy Williams – host of the wildly popular syndicated television talk show.

“She (angel) gives him an assignment of grand epic and divine proportions,” Ballard revealed. “He has to find his way to make right something that was made wrong – not even by him but by someone else.”

While DeMarco makes atonement he comes in contact with all kinds of people including Steve Repperton, the nemesis of the movie.

“I am an ad executive of questionable motives. He has to tangle with me – so to speak – to get what he needs,” Ballard said about Repperton the character he plays.

This is a family affair for the Ballards. His beautiful wife, Dahn, portrays a woman who works at the ad agency where Repperton works. He tries to woo her; however she’s having none of that.

“We have a slightly antagonistic relationship. I’m constantly hitting on her,” Ballard said.

Both Alimi and Dahn were on the phone for this interview and when he made the comment about Repperton’s behavior – Dahn felt obliged to add her clarification.

“Oh. No. No. It’s not antagonistic. You were trying to hit on me and I’m not trying to hear you.”

Ballard was quick to jokingly add, “It’s a replay of our early dating years actually.”

He said he started dating Dahn right before he got the job on ABC’s “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” starring Melissa Joan Hart, who is the director and among the stars of the film.

Their two children, seven year old son, Kairo and nine year old daughter, Naya also appear in the movie.

Ballard is still regularly seen as Detective Kevin Crawford on the popular long running CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In fact look for him in an episode that brings the drama big time.

“There’s a hostage situation and my character is at the middle of getting the girl back out of the jaws of a psycho killer. It’s the daughter of Ted Danson’s character on the show. The whole episode is how do we get her back.”

He wouldn’t tell more about the episode or exactly when it will air.
The Bronx, New York native recognized his character in “The Santa Con” is very much against the grain of the type of roles he usually plays.

“I never smile. My characters are badass tough cop detectives. On Numb3rs I played special agent David Sinclair. Stoic. Inner strength. Inner power. You know. But never happy-go-lucky or freewheeling. This character Steve Repperton is a nut.”

Besides acting the Ballards are delving into publishing – set to launch an e-zine – – in February 2015 titled “Sweet Family “Life” with proceeds to benefit, a community service organization.

Jaleel White, who became famous as Steve Urkel on the hot sitcom “Family Matters” and John Ratzenberger of “Cheers” fame are among the other stars of “The Santa Con” premiering on Lifetime on Saturday, December 13 at 8 p.m. ET.

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