michael-vick*As 2014 comes to a close, Michael Vick is on the verge of welcoming 2015 without an $18 million debt.

According to ESPN, Vick’s deal with creditors is set to expire at the end of the year. The network predicts he will likely sell some property to pay off the last of his debt.

“I feel blessed because I came out and found myself in a position where I had a lot of people that really believed in me, people who gave me an opportunity,” the athlete said. “At the time, it wasn’t about trying to fulfill all the bankruptcy needs, I was trying to fulfill all the needs that I had in my life because I had nothing.”

The end of Vick’s debt has been a long time coming. ESPN’s Darren Rovell note that Vick spent the last few years paying off the $17.8 million debt to creditors to get back on his feet after serving time behind bars on federal dogfighting charges. In July 2008, the former Atlanta Falcon declared bankruptcy while in prison.

In his plan to come out of debt, Vick lived on a budget the last five years. Debts he worked to eliminate include paying back the Falcons $6.5 million in salary, among others.

“As part of the plan to pay off his creditors, Vick stuck to living on an annual $300,000 budget, because more than 50 percent of what he was making went toward taxes and legal fees,” Rovell mentioned.

Instead of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, ESPN noted that Vick chose to pay back everything he owed via Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In his eyes, the decision was an important and necessary step towards demonstrating his willingness to make amends for what he did.

Good for him. Maybe that explains his success – as we recently reported – with a new black hair brush he invested in that’s selling so fast it can’t keep up with orders.