Bill Cosby's Lawyer (Via Statement) Goes in on Michael Eric Dyson

*Here’s the latest from the Bill Cosby camp.

The embattled comic’s attorney, John P. Schmitt has released a statement that we assume is intended to clarify Cosby’s comment to NY Post reporter Stacy Brown regarding his treatment by African American media.

In particular it calls out MSNBC broadcaster/commentator Professor Michael Eric Dyson, who is referred to as “persistent critic” of Mr. Cosby, for his ” mean-spirited and reckless rhetoric.”

Statement of John P. Schmitt, counsel to Bill Cosby:

Mr. Cosby’s comments to Stacy Brown which were reported in the New York Post on December 14 continue to be misconstrued in a way that can only call into question the fair-mindedness of certain commentators. As previously noted, Mr. Brown identified himself to Mr. Cosby as a free-lance reporter for a number of African-American media.

To be clear, Mr. Cosby did not ask for special treatment from the African-American media. To the contrary, he asked that they adhere to journalistic standards and approach the story in a neutral manner – without a predisposition on either side of the story. It is of course what we would expect of all media. Those words, which are clear on their face and with which any fair-minded person would have to agree, have now been the source of even greater criticism of Mr. Cosby.

In perhaps the most egregious example, Michael Eric Dyson, who has been a persistent critic of Mr. Cosby’s call for responsibility in the African-American community, has stated that Mr. Cosby’s request for neutrality is part of what he calls Mr. Cosby’s “rape [of the ] entire black community.” Mr. Cosby understands that Mr. Dyson does not agree with Mr. Cosby’s views, but such mean-spirited and reckless rhetoric cannot go unchallenged by responsible people and journalists.

Watch Michael Eric Dyson make his comments against Bill Cosby:


(Bill Cosby’s Lawyer (Via Statement) Goes in on Michael Eric Dyson)