chris rock*Chris Rock may be one of the most successful comics ever, but that hasn’t gotten in the way of helping his fellow black comedians get on the same level.

In an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent Mo Rocca, the “Top Five” star and director opens up about hosting the Oscars again, the shade he gets from Janet Jackson after joking about her wardrobe malfunction and how who he would like to interview if he was a reporter for “60 Minutes.”

Highlights from the interview are below:

Rock on helping other black comedians:

“My favorite athlete ever is Magic Johnson. And Magic Johnson’s all about passing. It’s all about, like, setting up players, setting up people. I like dishing out and watching somebody jam. Actually, I get great pleasure from that.”

The influence of his grandfather and other preachers:

“Yeah, my grandfather, my dad’s father was a preacher. And I used to spend a lot of time with him. I would watch him write his sermons. I pretty much do what he did. He’d write the topics. And then he’d riff on the topics. And I kind of do comedy like he preached.”

“You are trying to get at a truth. I mean, I watch reverends as much as I watch comedians. I watch T.D. Jakes every Sunday. I watch Joel Osteen every Sunday. ‘Cause they’re really good performers. And they’re doing exactly the same thing I’m doing. They’re just going for a different thing.

“And when I’m on tour, all the preachers come. Now they come through the back, they sneak! They don’t want everybody to know! I’m not gonna name names, but all the preachers come.”

Would he host the Oscars again, if asked?

“Oscars are almost a religion. That what I learned when I hosted the Oscars. I would say things like, ‘Hey, it’s art. You can’t really judge art — you know, what’s better, Picasso or Rembrandt, you know what I mean?’ They don’t wanna hear that. Like, ‘Yo, it’s the Oscars! There are winners and losers. We judge art here, okay?'”

“I would love to host the Oscars again.”
Getting shade from Janet Jackson:

“It’s not that I have a no-apology policy. I understand people getting mad, especially when you talk about them. I did some joke about Janet Jackson whipping out your breast at the Super Bowl.”

“Anyway, there was a breast at the Super Bowl! And, you know, every now and then I bump into her and she just wants to strangle me. I can’t believe Penny from ‘Good Times’ hates me, you know? Charlene from ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ is mad at me. Am I gonna apologize to Janet? I wouldn’t, no. On some level I’m sorry, but on the other level it’s literally my job. Like, you whipped out your breast at the Super Bowl. This is what I do!

“I get shade like you would not believe. Like, wow! If I can apologize to the Jacksons I would. I’ve done way too much stuff about the Jacksons. If I walk in a room with the Jacksons, I’m going to be so beat up. They’re old black men from Gary, Indiana!”

Who he would interview if he were a “60 Minutes” reporter:

“I would go to Ferguson right now and I would just interview white people. ‘Cause whenever they do stories on race, they always interview black people. Well, we know what black people feel about race. I would love to just interview white cops. The question isn’t why they shoot so many black kids, which is horrible. The real question is, like, ‘How come you never shoot white kids?’ That’s the question.”

To see Rock’s entire “CBS This Morning” interview, check out the video below: