Stephen-Belafonte-and-Mel-B*The Mel B and Stephen Belafonte divorce rumors continue to heat up as the former Spice Girl’s estranged mother puts her two cents in on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Andrea Brown alluded to Belafonte’s abusive ways towards her daughter while praising the fact that he may be a non-issue in the not too distant future. Here’s what Mama Brown said:

andrea brown tweetsBrown’s comments are the latest development regarding the state of Mel B’s marriage. As it stands now, the rumor mill says the singer and Belafonte are on their way to splitting soon. Media sources report that Mel B postponed her eye surgery procedure as she tries mull over a possible divorce from Belafonte.

“At the moment she is discussing divorce. She knows this isn’t the easiest option. It’s going to be tough. But she knows her marriage is over,” a source close to Mel B told the Daily Mirror.

Mel B’s no show on the “X Factor’”s first live show on Dec. 13th show caused concern among fans, who noticed bruises on her face, a bruise on her cheek and scratches on her arms when she returned to the show after being in the hospital. Immediately, fans turned their anger towards Belafonte, who they felt was abusing Mel B. Belafonte has vehemently denied the claims.

Regarding Mel B’s three-day hospital stay, a source close to the “X Factor” admitted that Belafonte did not visit his wife

“Mel hasn’t spoken to Stephen once since her admission to hospital last week and as it stands she doesn’t want to see him. He didn’t come to the hospital at all,” the source told The Sun. “The fact that he left the country before she’d even gone back on X Factor is another sign of just how bad things have become between them.”

Yep, definitely not a good sign.