At one time this was all "Zeus" could do. But then...

At one time this was all “Zeus” could do. But then…

*No one wants to be discarded like trash. Not even an animal. So when a puppy named Zeus was dropped off at a shelter because his previous owners said, “we don’t want a damaged dog,” he was no doubt, depressed.

Zeus was almost completely paralyzed when he was taken in as a foster by Lynda Kuether, shortly after he was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Oklahoma.

“He was terribly emaciated and only able to lift his head and wag his tail,” Kuether says. “He had to be fed and given water by syringe.”

Kuether, who lives in Carbondale, Illinois, with her wife Jennifer LeDuc and a bunch of cats and dogs, had been told by a veterinarian that Zeus’ paralysis was probably due to a virus. But the vet didn’t recommend dispositive diagnostic tests because the treatment would be the same: antibiotics, steroids and lots of physical therapy, and there was no guarantee the dog’s mobility would improve.

So Kuether set goals for Zeus that didn’t seem so modest at the time.

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