Nas 139th Preakness Stakes*GE teamed up with Vevo and they want folks to use their Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, game console or Web-enabled TV to watch the “Brilliant Rhythm” music-video content.

“We want to get into connected TV in a really meaningful way,” said Alexa Christon, head of global media innovation at GE. “The audience size is huge. And the behavior from a content-consumption standpoint is something that has really hit critical mass.”

But GE isn’t just partnering with Vevo. In between its music video content, Nas is involved with the company as well. “Shake the Dust,” is a documentary with “Illmatic” rapper telling stories  about  breakdancing and hip-hop communities in other country.

GE wants the minds and hearts of folks through (OTT) devices such as Roku and game consoles, which have 194 percent year-over-year increase in video content, according to

“Gaming consoles and OTT devices are becoming the new desktop in the online TV space,” according to the Adobe’s US Digital video research.

But its Vevo’s TV apps which are seeing the highest levels of engagement.  The company’s connected TV users watche an average of 87 minutes across 23 videos.

“This partnership with GE is special because, in addition to a standard media buy, it gives Vevo an interesting way to diversify our content offering,” said Jonathan Carson, Vevo’s chief revenue officer. “We’re always interested in working with brand partners beyond a typical media buy. In this case, GE had a fantastic asset that was right for our audience.”

Vevo will make GE’s “Brilliant Rhythm” available starting on Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014 for two weeks on its connected TV apps.

Watch the trailer to “Shake the Dust” below: