*Safety is on the mind of Iggy Azalea as the Australian rapper wants an upcoming trial against her ex-boyfriend Jefe Wine to take place in Los Angeles instead of Houston.

Houston is the hometown of Wine (born Maurice Williams). In September, Azalea filed a federal lawsuit against Wine that alleges he illegally released an EP earlier this year titled “Inizio.” Music from the EP contained unreleased master recordings from her computer, the “Fancy” hitmaker claims, adding that the material was stolen when she was dating Wine in 2009.

In August, Azalea successfully removed the EP from all retail outlets after her lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter. For his part, Wine says he has a contract with Azalea that gives him the right to release all music and videos recorded when he was with her. Content during that period includes a sex tape the couple made, thisis50.com reports.

According to Azalea’s camp, the signature on her contract with Wine is a forgery.

TMZ reports Azalea admitted to fearing for her safety if the trial against Wine is moved to Houston. The rapper justified her reason for changing the trial’s location by saying Wine is “vindictive and violent” and would be in his comfort zone in Houston.