Jermaine-Dupri*Jermaine Dupri‘s long battle trying to keep his Atlanta mansion has come to an end. His home for more than a decade will be auctioned off.

Nevertheless, Dupri put up a great fight. He saved his mansion from being foreclosed twice in 2013 — doing this in a four month span, according to theJasmineBrand.

The bank claimed he owed $200K in mortgage payments back in 2012. But he claimed in court the bill was inaccurate.

As a  result, the judge ordered the foreclosure to be postponed. Also, the judge ordered the bank and Dupri work out how much is owed.

He managed to reach a deal with the bank. Dupri made monthly payments on the mansion and everything seemed alright for a year.

That was until last month when an order of sale was filed by the owner of the deed of the home. Dupri took out a $2.5 million loan on the home back in 2005.

The mansion will be sold due to the monthly installments of the loan not being paid. The home will be put on the auction block this month.