lebron-james*LeBron James is yet another celebrity speaking up about current events and social issues impacting black lives.

James talked about the verdicts of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.  In Ferguson, white officer Darren Wilson gunned down the unarmed black teenager.

Also in Staten Island, white officer Daniel Pantaleo held Garner in an “illegal” chokehold while he repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe until he stopped breathing.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s more troubling that it’s happening in our country,” he said. “This is our country, the land of the free, and we keep having these incidents happen, innocent victims or whatever the case may be.”

He added, “our families are losing loved ones. I’m not pointing the blame at anybody that’s making it happen. In society, we’ve come a long way, but it just goes to show how much further we still have to go.”

But James didn’t stop there! Although he’s among celebrities speaking up and taking action when it comes to social issues, he criticized athletes who don’t say or do anything.

“It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not. If it hits home for you, then you have the right to speak on it. That’s why we have freedom of speech,” he said. “I’ve never shied away for something that I feel for or people or families that I feel for. That’s just who I am.”

He added,  “I don’t think we should add pressure to anybody, first of all, that doesn’t have the knowledge about it, that’s not educated upon it to speak about something you don’t know about. If you feel passionate about it, you speak about it. If not, don’t worry about it.”