markell deandra hart

Markell Deandra Hart

*(Via MSN News) – A 22-year-old man has been arrested on a felony warrant charging him with murder in Sunday’s fatal shooting of Auburn football player Jakell Lenard Mitchell, police said.

The shooting took place at the same off-campus apartment complex where two former football players and a third man were slain in 2012.

Auburn Police said at least 14 hours after the early morning shooting that Markale Deandra Hart (pictured above) of Camp Hill, Alabama, had been taken into custody. Police Capt. Will Matthews also said in an emailed statement that Hart was being held at a county jail and no additional arrests were anticipated.

It was not immediately known if Hart had an attorney and the statement didn’t provide details of how he was taken into custody.

Police also disclosed new details that the 18-year-old freshman Mitchell had received multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. No one else was reported shot or hurt, police have said.

jakell mitchell

Jakell Lenard Mitchell

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