mathew knowles

*Contrary to what you think, Mathew Knowles wasn’t selling Beyoncé and Solange memorabilia to make ends meet or smooth over any baby mama drama.

To hear him tell it, everything is fine financially. In fact, the garage sale is an effort thought of by his staff to clear space out for things lined up for  his company Music World Entertainment Complex.

“Somehow that became we are going out of business, homeless and selling all of Beyoncé’s stuff to stay alive, which as you can see it’s just the opposite,” Knowles told Houston’s NBC affiliate, Local 2 . “If I needed money, I wouldn’t sell $5 T-shirts. I’d sell a Grammy or an MTV award. So that is insulting to think we need to sell $5 T-shirts. No, I don’t think so.”

Knowles goes on to say that business is good as big plans are on tap to expand the Complex in the next five years. Those plans call for the building to be turned into a new studio.

Although he isn’t sure on what he’s going to do with the money he gets from the garage sale, Knowles thinks it will make about $2,000. Overall, he says he will just be glad when the space in the building is cleared out.

To see Local 2’s interview with Knowles, check out the vide below:

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