mase, why cant we,*Uh oh! Mase, the rapper-turned preacher-turned-rapper again and so on, was sued for using a woman’s Instagram photo as single artwork without her permission.

According to TMZStephanie Delgado filed suit — claiming Mase stole her photo from her Instagram and used it to promote his single, “Why Can’t We.”

Delgado wanted the big bucks for use of the photo — $60,000 in damages. But the judge disagreed. She won’t walk away empty handed though.

The judged wanted her to prove the photo’s worth. She claimed to make $25,000 from a commercial, but she couldn’t provide proper proof of this.

She claimed the payment and business was done through cash, and a deal with a man named Woo.

Mase didn’t respond to the lawsuit. Nevertheless, the judge reduced her amount of money for the photo to $7,500 — much less than $60,000. But still waaaaay more than zero.