whoopi-goldberg farting

*The Internet exploded with whoopie cushion jokes today after Whoopi Goldberg pretended to have passed gas on “The View” this morning.

When sudden inexplicable noises happen in the studio and are picked up on camera, Whoopi is always the first to play it off by saying, “Ooh, excuse me,” which always gets a laugh.

When an extra gassy-sounding sound effect for an on-screen graphic rang out as guest host Ashanti was talking about flu shots, Whoopi said her usual, “Excuse me,” but then co-host Rosie O’Donnell couldn’t resist jumping in.

“You know those breakfast burritos,” O’Donnell deadpanned as the rest of the panel broke out in laughter.

Goldberg then got up and walked it off. “I feel so much better now,” she said.

The video went viral, with some outlets apparently believing that Whoopi really let one rip. A rep for ABC had to come out and deny it.

“The video speaks for itself,” said the spokesperson for the show. “The noise was clearly a sound effect which prompted a fun, spontaneous reaction from the co-hosts.”

Watch below:

But Goldberg has been guilty of expelling gas on air at least twice before — in May and December of 2011.

In the first incident, she managed to put the exclamation point on a segment about flatulence with Dr. Oz in front of a horrfied Barbara Walters, according to TMZ.

“Where is standards and practices when you need ‘em?” Walters complained at the time.