ricky williams, mike evans,*Now retired, former NFL running back Ricky Williams is elated  that former Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans, now playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed to Cash Money Recordsfor representation.

But Williams said it was a long time coming!

“It’s unfortunate it took 15 years for athletes signing with rappers to take off.”

He was the first pro baller signed to a hip-hop record company. Williams was signed to No Limit Sports right under Master P in 1999.

His deal included a contract that was set high with incentives, but low with guaranteed money — requiring popular, record-setting performances.

But Williams was more than OK with the contract. “My contract was a great contract,” he said. “I wanted to EARN my money.”

And here’s a shocker, Master P wasn’t necessarily behind the terms of the deal.

“It’s a misconception that P came up with the terms … it was my idea.”

Although that’s in the past, nevertheless, he’s excited about the future of hip-hop and sports — saying it’s about time.

“Cash Money has changed the way the hip hop business has been done and they can do the same for athletes.”

He clearly has much respect for hip hop as a business and its moguls like Birdman.

“I see them as businessmen,” he said. “They can teach the athletes how to get more out of their careers than just athletic achievement.”