William Rolack, human resources executive, author, and career coach

*When people apply for jobs at his workforce solutions department, William Rolack is usually the one doing the hiring.

Rolack, an author and career coach has a few strategies to help you get out of the unemployment line and into a job. He says the road to getting hired begins with a great resume’.

“Use action verbs to describe what you have done at prior jobs,” says Rolack, a human resource executive. “There are only so many times you can use ‘responsible for in a resume’.”

For example, if you worked as a public relations manager for a not-for profit agency. Rolack does not recommend you write responsible for press releases, media relations and press conferences. Instead his encourages you to demonstrate how you managed the agency’s public image. Or, share how you created the agency’s newsletter. He mentioned the need to communicate your value to your former employer. And, include the results in specific and simple terms. For instance, talk about how your work increasing the firm’s media profile resulted in a 12-percent increase in contributions. Your goal is to craft a compelling narrative that makes hiring managers curious and want to interview you. Rolack reveals that when you get the call “you basically have the job.”“There is only one person who can rule you out then,” he pauses. “Yourself.”Rolack recommends sending a confirmation letter before the interview. He also suggests doing some research.

“Identify the founders and history of the company,” he says. “Know the leadership team and the company’s immediate competitors.”

The interviewer will almost always inquire whether you have questions. Be prepared by having well-though out questions ahead of time. Rolack divulges that not having questions is a “turn off.”

“As a hiring manager that shows me the person is not interested in the position,” Rolack continues. “It doesn’t show enough interest in working for the company.”

He wrote William Rolack’s 7 Secrets to a Winning Job Interview: An HR Executive Reveals Why Some People Get an Offer–and Other’s Don’t. The book is filled with helpful templates and proven strategies to help you get the job you want. He is also the chief executive officer of the National Association of African-Americans in Human Resources.
Zach Rinkins, host and producer, The Rinkins Report

Zach Rinkins, host and producer, The Rinkins Report

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