russell simmons,*Russell Simmons is down with the “Free the Nipple” movement. He  came out to support the organization’s documentary at the IFC Theater recently, according to Page Six.

Simmons introduced the film with some jokes: “I’m such a pig, I want to sit in that row,” he said. “Boobs are beautiful.”

Don’t get it wrong! Simmons is serious about the movement. He talked about the inequality women face thanks to society.

“Women are born into a society that treats them unequally. It’s so ingrained in the society that it’s cultural, it’s accepted,” he said.

He added, “some people break out of the mold and point out examples that make it crystal clear through film ... It changes lives.

The film tackles inequality and not simply about taking off one’s top, according to the film’s producer Lina Esco.

“I got three warrants of arrest,” she said. “Even though it’s legal to be topless in New York, you can’t while you are shooting, because it can seem like you are shooting porn.”

Esco experienced some issue while filming. She had some trouble filming the doc thanks to the authorities. “I’m very nice to cops,” she said, wiggling her way out of trouble.

Simmons isn’t alone in support. Other celebrities are supporting the movement as well — including Miley CyrusCara Delevingne and Scout Willis.