Bob McCulloch

*The ridiculousness continues to mount in the aftermath of the Michael Brown case.

In his first interview since announcing the grand jury’s non-indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the Associated Press reports that Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch admitted that some of the witnesses who testified before the panel obviously lied under oath. McCulloch told KTRS radio Friday that one woman who backed up Wilson’s account of Brown’s fatal shooting clearly pulled her details from a newspaper article about the tragedy.

Brown’s encounter with Wilson and the shooting that occurred on Aug. 9 has sparked nationwide outrage and protests that were made even more relevant after McCulloch announced the grand jury’s decision on Nov. 24.

In response to the situation, the AP mentioned that State Rep. Karla May is urging a legislative committee to investigate McCulloch for prosecutorial misconduct. The committee is currently looking into why Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon did not use National Guard troops in Ferguson.

To see CBS News’ report on McCulloch, check out the video below: