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*BulLion Ent / DIOS Music artist Stereo H aka @HashimBING has just released a new video “Uncrowned KING” (the title track to his forthcoming album).

The track  chronicles a fictionalized version of the last day of Staten Island, NY resident Eric Garner’s life.

The powerful depiction was filmed in Ferguson, MO . and Staten Island, NY and serves as a tribute to people who have been victims of police violence.

It’s already getting attention on social media, since its recent release.


Stereo H  a.k.a.  @HashimBING  –  Bio:
Hashim Bing, professionally known as Stereo H, was born and raised in the Bronx. At the age of 14, he moved to New Jersey and it was during this time that he was exposed to the art of making music by a DJ friend.

Determined to rock the mic himself; (H.) would sneak into the DJ’s studio (when he wasn’t there) to use the equipment. Taking that risk paid off, because now years later he no longer has to sneak into studios.

His debut album “Revenge & $$$$$” came out after a series of appearances on the underground jewel 2010_AD from his partner Alias DUNDEE & later from his group project with DUNDEE, BDS: BoonDox Saints.

Bing is passionate about his vocals. He loves to write lyrics, and even dabbles in making beats. However, he believes in the power of “feeding off of others energy” and doesn’t mind taking advice and direction.  With this attitude, it is not hard to understand why (H.) says he has been inspired by everyone, whether he thought they were great artists or not.

One experience that stands out in particular is working with Rawkus Records & in particular Shabbam Sahdeeq (an underground rapper) out of Brooklyn, who helped launch the careers of Eminem & Pharoah Monch (solo) with his classic underground banger “5 Star Generals”.  Touring & traveling with emcees of such high caliber inspired H.BING to take control of his career.

In 2001, he was introduced to NJ REY (CEO of DIOS Music / BulLion Ent.) by Alias DUNDEE, who later released the BDS: BoonDox Saints project under the DIOS Music / Sumthing distribution label. His working relationship with REY lead to the underground success of his “Revenge & $$$$$” album and eventually the commercial releases of the BDS “Saints Row” album, “Saints Row II (The Remixes)” & most recently his 1st commercial solo release “Newtie Ross’ Grandson” (an album dedicated to his recently deceased grandmother).

“Hashim aka Stereo H is not afraid to be creative or vulnerable. I’ve witnessed his growth and have seen him expand his range. He has truly developed into a competitive solo artist & writer. I honestly believe that we have only seen a fraction of what he’s capable of doing and that there’s much more to come,” says NJ REY.

By going solo, (H.) feels he holds his future in his own hands and that this was the best decision he has ever made regarding his career.

(H.) has blossomed into an effortlessly creative emcee and lyricist. He describes his style as just “Stereo H,” which prevents him from falling into any category. He appeals to a large audience, having performed worldwide, including places such as Amsterdam, London, and Germany. In addition, to his charitable work with the popular organization Traveling Guitar in which he performs for kids in underprivileged schools and helps to keep their music programs intact.

After getting the nod from such greats as Ralph McDaniels & DJ Red Alert (who appears in his video and on his single “Red Alert’s Revenge!”), (H.) prides himself on his great range and is excited to share it with his fans. From hardcore beats that you might want on your iPod when you’re at the gym to R&B and Hip Hop ballads that you’ll pump in your whip…Stereo H definitely has something that will keep you nodding your head and hitting repeat.

One of his favorites is “Celebrity Love,” a song that reveals his singing talent.  You can find it on his album: “Newtie Ross’ Grandson.” (available only on itunes).  Inspired by his late grandmother, he feels like the entire album can be played around anyone, regardless of age. (H.) also has an album called, “Fly Sneakers & A Gold Chain” with the hit single, “2DAMNFRESH” featuring Fred The Godson.

*You can also download the new H.BING app for Android (coming soon to the iPhone) that highlights new songs, photos and information on both of his new releases.

– Bio Written by Robyn G. Walker

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