unhappy woman

*Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bad day. After all, we’re human. We all have ’em. But many of us generally know when its happening to us; so we tend to stay away from people on those days. We don’t take phone calls, we don’t do the social media thing. Hell, we may even take a day off work or use some of those vacation days we’ve got saved up.

But what about the folks that seem to have a ‘bad day’ everyday? They appear to actually enjoy them. Instead of staying away from people, they tend to seek them out and create drama. If they can’t physically touch you, they go on social media and look for the most negative stuff to share.

Yahoo.com calls the people who exhibit these “13 signs” ‘bad.’ I just call them ‘unhappy.’ So I borrowed the ‘titles’ – but boy did I have enough examples of my own! Whatever you choose to call these folks, if you recognize yourself in more of these signs than you’d like, it may be time to change your ways…unless its working for you, of course.

Which I seriously doubt.

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