Pebbles Reid with Tionne and Chilli

*The screenwriter, Kate Lainer, of “CrazySexyCool” is asking for TLC‘s ex-manager Pebbles‘ $40 million lawsuit to be thrown out, due to the truth she took advantage of R&B’s biggest girl group.

Pebbles sued Viacom shortly after the 2013 film premiered on VH1 — becoming a hit. she claimed the film defamed her through its portrayal, according to the Jasmine Brand.

She clearly has issues with the way TLC sees her and made her out to be. In court documents, she said the film portrayed her “as a conniving and dishonest business woman who hoodwinked three innocent girls and exploited their talent for her own personal gain.”

The former manager said she never controlled the group’s lawyer. Also, Pebbles claimed to have paid the ladies appropriately.

According to Lainer (and TLC as well), Pebbles didn’t pay the ladies what they were owed on their deals. Also, she claimed the ex-manager is lying about not having a relationship with the group’s lawyers.

In the docs, the writer went on to say she didn’t write the character in any inaccurate way. Regardless, her work is protected through the first amendment.

Nevertheless, Viacom stands by its portrayal of Pebbles — claiming to not act with malice while filming her character. Lainer and Viacom want the lawsuit to be dismissed.

View the court documents here.