Michael Brown shot special*Clearly there is no line when it comes to disrespect. Especially when it comes to certain bars in Missouri.

WDAF-TV reports that a bar owner is getting slammed over promoting a Michael Brown “shot special” to customers Friday night.

According to the owner, who declined to be identified in order to protect himself and his family, the special was “not meant to cause any harm.” The promotion was done by Mug Shots, a bar located in St. Joseph, Missouri, some 300 miles east of Ferguson.

An image of the special, which appeared on social media, advertised six shots of tequila for patrons for $10. The special was especially disturbing, considering an autopsy revealed that Brown was shot “at least” six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

“I should have thought about it a little bit before I made the shot special,” the bar’s owner told WDAF, adding that he stole the idea off a Michael Brown shot special from other bars in the area.

On Saturday, the Michael Brown special was replaced with the following message:

Michael Brown shot special 2

The pub’s tagline reads as follows:

“Where sarcasm is always free.”

To see WDAF-TV’s report on the Michael Brown special, check out the video below: