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Activist Urges Blacks to Use the N Word

*Although many African Americans abhor the use of the N Word, a Kansas City, MO activist is asking the black community to embrace a new N-Word.

Kimathi Melaku El, minister of education of The Black Talmidim is asking that the black community replace the word N**** with the word “Negus.” According to Melaku El ,  “Negus”  means “King” in Ge’ez,  an ancient Ethiopic language.

From N*** to Negus

Although, there have been efforts to give N**** a positive spin over the years , such as the late rapper Tupac Shakur’s acronym of “Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished,” new attention has been given to the controversy thanks to rap superstar Kendrick Lamar’s  new cd “To Pimp a Butterfly”  on which he claims that N**** is a misinterpretation of “Negus.”

Although, some argue that the term actually is derived from the word used by Portuguese slave traders meaning “the black,” Maleku El says that does not change the fact that the word should be completely replaced by something more  positive. “Why not just use a more historically accurate term, in the first place, he asks”

As part of the campaign to replace the N  word, The Black Talmidim is asking the African American community to start a hashtag #replacecewithnegus and substitute the word “Negus” in place of songs and phrases that use “N****” (So, N**** With Attitude” becomes “Negus With Attitude.”

While Melaku El says that replacing the word will help eliminate the self hatred that breeds Black on Black violence, he also argues that it  also will help to stop the murder of black men by the police.

“It’s easier to kill a n***** than it is to  assassinate a Negus (king) , he says.”



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