amber-rose*Amber Rose told fans and critics why strippers are getting wifed up. She believes strippers embody confidence other women don’t have, according to Bella Naija.

“Dancers are naturally confident and that’s what men love,” she said in an interview with Kandi Koated Nights. “Men love confidence. Men love women that can move their body in that way.”

Dancing is sexy, and dancers are personable. These are qualities that factor into how strippers win over their men, according to Rose.

“When you are a dancer, you have to walk around and make your rounds, you have to talk to talk to people, you have to seduce the money out of their pockets,” she added.

“And it’s not in a vindictive way. They know why you’re there,” she continued. “You know why the guys are there. So it’s just extreme confidence that men love.”

She called stripping the best time of her life. She had so much fun in her day; there’s no sob stories about her being an unhappy stripper.

“It’s an honest living,” she said. “People associate strippers with prostitution and it’s not the same job. It’s not the same job as a porn star either.”

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