chris & karrueche

*Will the games and drama between these two ever end?

It seems Chris Brown, after doing everything in the book to drive her away, is all of a sudden trying to win back ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

But guess what, so far his efforts have been met with resounding rejection, according to TMZ.

We’re told he’s blowing up her phone and her friend’s phones, but she’s radio silent with him. He’s been so frustrated he’s turned to social media, complimenting her for all to see. He likes photos she posts and when Karrueche posted (this pic) he wrote, “Keep killing it kiddo.”

But nothing’s worked and he’s depressed. But hope springs eternal, and Chris is telling his friends he’s not going to date anyone else and is confident Karrueche will come back to him.

Chris Brown Wants Karrueche Tran Back Here’s the conundrum … Chris’ pride and joy — his new baby — is also his Achilles Heel with Karrueche.

If that’s the case, why do we get the inescapable feeling that she’s Karrueche’s gonna take him back. In fact, we’d bet on it.