darius mccrary, son,*Darius McCrary refused to put his son back on a plane to Michigan. It turns his son claims he’s being abused by his stepfather, according to TMZ.

The incident happened last week at LAX. McCrary’s son had a fit when he tried to put him on a plane back home to his mother. Cops showed up at the scene.

According to the police report, McCrary told them his son was in fear to go back home to his mother and stepfather due to the abuse that occurred back in January.

Cops then asked the boy about it; his story matched his father’s. The officers allowed McCrary to leave the airport with his son, followed by Department of Children and Family Services being notified.

McCrary tried to convince a judge to award him full custody, but the matter has to be handled in Michigan. Therefore, he had to return his son to the state with his mother.

He met her at Hollywood Police Station and she left with their son, who had an emotional moment. Now there’s a court battle brewing and that will take place in Michigan.