scott dashcam

*The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has released several dash cam videos in connection with the fatal shooting of Walter Scott. None, however, shows the actual shooting.

The video depicts the moments before the shooting. Officer Michael Slager is seen calmly walking up to the car, occupied by Scott and a second passenger, and asking Scott for his license and registration; Scott says that he is not the owner of the car, but was about to purchase it soon. The exchange appears to be cordial.

When Slager went to run Scott’s record in his car, Scott took off, allegedly because he had a warrant for late child support payments. Seconds later, Slager gave chase, leading to the second video taken by witness Feidin Santana.

Slager, 33, was charged with murder on Tuesday after Santana’s video surfaced showing him firing eight shots at Scott as he was running away.

Watch Slager’s dash cam video below: