michael jackson*Could it be that Michael Jackson paid $200 million to those accusing him of sexual abuse?

Lawyers for two of the music icon’s “victims” claim it’s true, saying that Jackson paid nearly $200 million in hush money to at least 20 victims, their parents and their attorneys.

According to Page 6’s Stacy Brown, the “victims” in question are Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who missed the statutory deadline by filing their respective claims in 2013 and 2014. Jackson died in 2009.

Robson is a choreographer best known for his work with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake while Safechuck once appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Jackson.

Brown notes that if Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff rules in favor of proceeding with Robson and Safechuck’s cases at a scheduled hearing on Tuesday (April 7), they would be able to take advantage of discovery rules in civil cases that allow evidence prosecutors were barred from presenting in criminal proceedings. In their cases, this would include details on how much Jackson paid on past, undisclosed settlements to alleged victims and their families.

“All of this is documented, and it will certainly help to sway a jury, particularly a civil jury who is not considering reasonable doubt but a preponderance of the evidence,” a prosecution source told Brown.

In addition to alleged repeated molestation by Jackson, court filings highlight claims made by Safechuck, who stated that Jackson held a secret wedding ceremony with him as his bride and gave him a him a marriage certificate and a wedding band as keepsakes and confirmation of their “undying love.”

Safechuck’s attorney alleges that Jackson molested Safechuck more than 100 times, Brown reports. Safechuck goes on to mention in the latest court documents that for years, Jackson’s mother, Katherine would demand to know details of his alleged abuse by Jackson.

“Did something happen between you and Michael? Are you OK?” Katherine Jackson asked Safechuck, ­according to the 36-year-old accuser.

With Robson’s case, the situation would contradict his testimony in Jackson’s 2005 trial that the entertainer never touched him inappropriately, despite sharing a bed together for at least a year.

Robson claims he was 7 when Jackson first molested him and didn’t come forward until he buried the “loathsome nature” of the molestations and later started his own family.

Brown notes that Robson and Safechuck have sworn that Jackson’s modus operandi was to seduce them and their families with glamour, gifts and vacations to Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

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