spring break rape footage

*Police in Florida have released video showing the alleged gang rape of a woman on a packed beach during spring break. With images of the alleged victim blurred out, Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen said he released video to show the size of the crowd surrounding the girl.

It shows a group of at least three girls standing and talking right next to the spot where the girl was seemingly assaulted last month on Panama City Beach.

As previously reported, two students from Alabama’s Troy University have been arrested. Ryan Calhoun, 23, and Delonte’ Martistee, 22, were charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. Another suspect is wanted.

The 19-year-old who was allegedly assaulted may have been drugged at the time; she told police she did not remember the incident.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Ruth Corley said the video was released “to show the crowd that was surrounding the incident and to show people, not only was it a horrible event, but it was witnessed by so many people who did absolutely nothing to stop or call police.”

McKeithen said that the video released was not the only video they had recovered in relation to the incident: “There’s a number of videos we’ve recovered with things similar to this. I can only imagine how many we haven’t recovered.

McKeithen continued to utter his dismay that no one had stepped in during the alleged assault: “Within ten feet of where this happened there’s hundreds, hundreds of people standing there, watching, looking, seeing, hearing what’s going, and yet our culture and our society and our young people have got to the point where obviously this is acceptable.

“This is happening in broad daylight with hundreds of people seeing and hearing what is happening and they are more concerned about spilling their beer than somebody being raped.”

Watch below: