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Author & Breast Cancer Fighter Freda Mays Celebrates “My Naked Truth About Breast Cancer” Being #1 (2) Weeks In A Row

*(New York, NY ) – Breast cancer fighter, Author and Music Industry Executive, Freda Mays recently released her debut book, “My Naked Truth About Breast Cancer and Being Single” on Amazon.

The book currently holds the #1 spot for (2) consecutives weeks in the New Release category for Breast Cancer related books.

On Saturday, May 2nd, Freda will kick-off her “My Naked Truth Book Tour” in her hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. Other stops on the tour includes, Orlando, Atlanta, Tampa, Charlotte and New York.

“I wanted to write this book to share my journey as a breast cancer fighter in hopes that it will inspire someone who is going through the same thing as I am, but has given up on life. This thing called cancer is not easy, trust me, but I know that I have to keep fighting and only God will stop the fight,” says Freda. “I want to inspire and educate our community about breast cancer and let our people know that we can not give in and that we must fight until we can’t fight anymore,” she adds.

About Freda L. Mays

Gifted with a portfolio of varied roles, Freda L. Mays also known as “Free” has demonstrated her multifaceted skills in the entertainment industry with a savvy business sense and creative intuitiveness.

Through the years, Mays has succeeded in the fields of talent management, marketing and branding, business consultation and now taking on the new role of her life, author.

Her astute understanding of the urban market and business leadership credentials were instrumental in engineering a conglomerate of musical talent that has shone with platinum luster.

Her music expertise has been pivotal in the multi-platinum success of acts such as the 69 Boyz and the Quad City DJs. As a definitive leader in the business community, she has utilized her leadership skills in the marketplace by assisting in negotiating multi-million dollar lucrative deals with independent and major record labels; such as Atlantic Records, Elektra Records, LaFace Records and So So Def Records. Mays also oversaw the day-to-day operations for the independent label, QuadraSound Records based in Orlando, Florida.

In addition, she demonstrated exceptional marketing strategies by placing strong emphasis on street promotions and targeted marketing through aggressive street campaigns, prominent media exposure, and negotiating soundtracks appearances.

She also implemented artist development programs to enhance artists’ performances and stage-personas. As a former personal manager of several successful acts that included, the 69 Boyz, Quad City DJs, 95 South, RAab, Dis-n-Dat and the vocal R&B quartet II D Extreme, Freda Mays has been instrumental in helping most of these acts reach platinum or multi-platinum success.

With her assistance, the 69 Boyz’s debut album 199Quad went double platinum boosted by the phenomenal success of the hit single “Tootsee Roll”. As a result, she spearheaded the Bass Fest Tour, which introduced “Southern Hip-Hop” to the masses.

The first of its kind, the tour featured artists; Outkast, 69 Boyz, Quad City DJs, 95 South and Dis-n-Dat. She was pivotal in the in the platinum success of the Quad City DJ’s debut album and hit singles “C’mon N Ride It (The Train)” and “Space Jam”.

She also utilized her extensive business connections to afford the acts the opportunity to land on some of the most lucrative soundtracks to date including; Dr. Dolittle, Dangerous Minds, Blue Streak, High School High, Sunset Park and Space Jam, just to name a few. The title song off the Space Jam Soundtrack titled “Space Jam” performed by Quad City DJs led to a 1998 Grammy nomination for the Best Dance Song of the Year.

Freda L. Mays began her music career in street promotions. Her work in street promotions provided her with a great training-ground and gave her the motivation and incentive to bring other creative ideas and goals to life. From street promotions to showcases to management to business consultant, Mays has explored all facets of the music industry.

In 2003, when income from the music business was becoming less and less due to the so called recession, Freda returned to the working world of nine-to-five. She was able to secure a job with a local non-profit agency promoting the hiring of individuals with disabilities. During this time, she was still providing consultant services to several music industry related companies, but on a part-time basis. Returning to world of nine-to-five was something that was not planned, but being the warrior that she is, she takes every challenge by the horn and leaves it in God’s hands.

The non-profit project was only scheduled to last one year, but one year turned into five and as much as Freda loved the new job, she was eager to return to her true passion, full-time. In 2008, as Freda was closing the chapter of non-profit work and making her return to the music industry, three days after she closes the chapter, she gets diagnosed with a form of advanced stage breast cancer.

She endured a mastectomy and after an entire year of chemotherapy and radiation, Freda went into remission in December of 2009. Three years later, in February 2012, the cancer returned, but this time it spread to her lung, which led her into going onto another phase of chemotherapy.

Fast forward to early 2013, Freda began celebrating when her Oncologist delivered what appeared to be great news and mentioned to her that her current treatments were working well for her body and that the moment she receives three clear scans in a row, chemotherapy could stop. As fate would have it, when Mays went in for results from her third scan in February 2014, she was not expecting the news that the doctor was about to deliver. It was not good. She was told that cancer had spread to six other areas in her body and will now have to be on treatments indefinitely.

By August 2014, Freda had to give up working full-time in order to concentrate on her health. However, this multitalented career woman from Virginia is unstoppable and full of faith.

Her first book, “My Naked Truth About Breast Cancer and Being Single” is slated for release in March 2015.

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