brandy, kelly rowland,*Brandy and Kelly Rowland are both headlining two different shows on BET.

So no, the ladies and friends aren’t collaborating just yet.

Check out the description below:

“Kelly, just snagged a reality show, and will also serve as a talent scout searching for the newest talent on the scene that she’s helped mold since her days as a teen.”

“Titled ‘Chasing Destiny,’ the reality show will follow Kelly as she looks for the “next blazing hot singing sensation that will bring together young women,” and own up to the standards that she has for musical excellence.”

“Brandy – who plays the title character [‘Zoë Moon] – is a newly divorced single mother who is attempting to get readjusted to life without her husband. Trying her hand at a career as a cosmetics mogul work as well as keeping her ex-husband in her past, and meeting someone (or two) along the way.”