Jay-Z*Jay Z’s motto has always been “I Will Not Lose,” but the opposite seems to be going on with his music streaming service Tidal.

According to Hits Daily Double (HDD), Tidal is averaging a total of only 1 million streams per day. Adding to that is Tidal dropping out of iTunes’ top 700 apps within weeks of its star-studded March 30 relaunch after topping out to No. 19 on a list of the hottest iPhone app downloads after Jay Z bought streaming service in in January for a reported $56 million.

“Jay Z’s Tidal has opted to ignore the new-artist sector in favor of superstars, and the strategy is not working. For example, it’s believed that Tidal’s total streams average around 1m a day, while individual tracks on Spotify regularly hit that number,” HDD stated. “Tidal’s top-heavy branding approach, with its emphasis on these older, established acts, simply doesn’t have the currency that Apple has maintained by prioritizing newer acts, having discerned early on that the discovery process is part of the cool factor.”

With competitors like Spotify, Pandora and Apple’s Beats Music seeing a surge in business, Tidal’s troubles continue to mount. Support from artists aligned with the service seems to be waning in support as Kanye West deleted all mentions of Tidal from his Twitter feed and blame for Rihanna‘s “American Oxygen” single subsequently selling 19,000 in its first four days of release having shifted in its direction.

Nevertheless, Jay Z stands by Tidal, which is noted for its exclusive steaming windows with artists who have released songs exclusively on the service. In addition Jay Z personally calling Tidal subscribers to thank them for subscribing to the service, media sources report the rap mogul and his wife Beyoncé will release a duet on Tidal, another potential plus.

In a rare move, Jay Z took to Twitter to defend Tidal. Using #TidalFacts for many of his tweets in a 39-minute stream of postings, the rapper spoke out, saying the company will be alright as he advised people to have patience.

“Tidal is doing just fine. We have over 770,000 subs. We have been in business less than one month,” he tweeted, while citing companies whose current success didn’t come until much later after launching.

In addition, Jay Z places some of the drama Tidal is experiencing on competitors, tweeting, “There are many big companies that are spending millions on a smear campaign.”

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