Bigger Than Big poster*If you’re down for a good laugh, then we’ve got some ridiculousness that’s gonna make you do just that.

It seems the situations on ”Empire” are hitting a little too close to home for a “known ghetto player” who claims the hit Fox show stole from a documentary he made about his life.

According to TMZ – the man in question – Ron Newt, a/k/a Prince Diamond, is suing “Empire” star Terrence Howard, the show’s co-creator Lee Daniels and others. The suit stems from a meeting Newt had some time ago with Howard at the Four Seasons hotel. During the meeting, Newt says he and Howard discussed his documentary “Bigger Than Big,” which focused on Newt’s life as a “gangster, pimp and drug dealer.”

Yes, Newt describes himself as a “known ghetto player” and he claims that Howard connected to the film. So much so that he wanted to play Newt in a possible feature.

“Fast forward to January, when ‘Empire’ debuted to huge ratings. Ron says the similarities are more than suspicious.” TMZ reports as it lists the following similarities Newt found between “Empire” and “Bigger than Big”:

— “Empire” … 4 drug dealers killed. “Bigger than Big” script: 4 drug dealers were killed.

— “Empire” … Lucious shot his long-time friend. BTB: Prince shoots his friend.

— “Empire” has a round table. BTB: Round table!

— “Empire” … Cookie goes to jail for drugs. BTB: China Doll goes to jail for drugs.

— “Empire” … Cookie is released from prison. BTB: China Doll released from the big house.

— “Empire” … Cookie with hat. BTB: China Doll with hat.

“Bigger Than Big” isn’t the only thing Newt is proud of.  Newt says he signed a multi-million dollar deal with Michael Jackson and Death Row Records in 1989.

Finally … and this will make you bust a gut …  in his lawsuit against “Empire,” Newt is seeking a Billion dollars!

To see the trailer for “Bigger Than Big,” check out the video below: