baltimore looting

*This is that time in America. This is that time in America when we stand around and ask “why would ‘they’ burn down ‘their’ community.”

This is that time in America when we simultaneously act as if the precipitating event or parallel history is neither relevant nor worthy of addressing.

Yesterday, yesteryear really did happen.

This is that time in America in which we get on Facebook on a Monday and list a rap sheet as a mitigating factor for violating someone’s constitutional right to live, much less a trial by his peers and then on Tuesday post how we are a “Christian nation” and how the president has shredded the Constitution that you love so much. If the hypocrisy and myopia weren’t so staggering, it would be comical. This is that time in America in which the Constitution be damned, the phrases “he deserved it,” “he had it coming” “he was a…(wait for it) ‘thug’” are supposed stronger arguments than actual law. This is that time in America when (once again) what someone did last week or last year is more important than what someone did today to kill you.

This is that time in America when seemingly every unarmed person killed by law enforcement is found guilty of murdering himself without a trial and the same people also have the unmitigated gall to also say the officers are innocent until proven guilty…without even blinking.

This is once again, that time in America.

This is that time in America in which people in an attempt to use Dr. King against African-Americans; pulling out their single quote known on non-violent protest. Yet, also manage to miss the ones related specifically to riots. How that keeps happening, I’m not exactly sure. I am though sure that Dr. King would have called that “conscientious stupidity.”

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is that time in America where once again, we wish to be both tremendously ignorant while also “sincere” in our concern for Baltimore; foregoing the fuss and inconvenience of addressing the root issues.

This is that time in America in which pundits will trot out statistics about how more White men have died at the hands of police than Black men. It is the continuance of that willful ignorance, in an attempt to render moot the specifics of the problem and deny the specious nature of their own argument. This has NEVER about aggregate numbers or statistics but the specific CASES; cases involving unarmed men, women and children.

Men, women and children.

It’s always been about the false police reports which have been filed, as in the Walter Scott shooting. The details have ALWAYS mattered. I’ve yet to see the story about the 12-year-old child playing with a toy in a park in his own neighborhood being gunned down on sight who looked opposite of Tamir Rice. When you find it, please forward it to me.

I’ve yet to see the story of the guy who “committed suicide” by shooting himself in the chest while his hands were handcuffed behind his back after being searched twice as was alleged with Victor White in Louisiana. From the falsified medical examiner report to the official police report and statements; the details have always mattered. When you find the comparable story of someone of opposite ethnicity from Victor White, please forward it to me. Never in the history of the world have I ever heard such a houdini story of suicide while handcuffed.


I’ve yet to see reverse versions of Oscar Grant and Eric Harris where they were “accidentally” shot and killed due to mistaking guns for tasers. Grant was doing nothing more than riding the BART. I had no idea people who looked opposite of Grant and Harris were suffering the same. Please send me those stories. This has never been about aggregate numbers of people dying, but instead a system which would allow a 73-year-old man buy his way on to a Tulsa police force with inadequate training and no certification for his .357 magnum prior to “accidentally” shooting a man in his back. If this is going to be that time in America where we devolve into the use of misleading stats to bolster an inaccurate and false conclusion, let me go on record as not being fooled, right now. This isn’t about raw numbers, but real names.

This is that time in America that would-be presidential candidates like Donald Trump take blatantly racialized “thug” shots at the president regarding the riots in Baltimore; while all-the-while proclaiming we live in a post-racial America.

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