jamar nicholson

*WHAT: News conference to announce major new updates and information in the controversial case of Jamar Nicholson (pictured), the 15-year-old, unarmed African-American youth shot in the back by LAPD plain clothes officers in South Los Angeles February 10th 2015.

WHO: Expected to attend the press conference are victims Jamar Nicholson, Jason Huerta and their families, representatives from Harris & Associates Law Firm, Dr. George McKenna, Brotherhood Crusade President/CEO Charisse Bremond Weaver, political figures, community and church activists.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: The news conference will take place at the intersection of
Florence and 10th Avenue near the alley where the shooting
occurred. (Next door to the El Paso Inn Motel at 3220
W. Florence Avenue, L.A. 90048)



A. Jalila Larsuel
[email protected]