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*Can we talk? No, but how about you listen. A conversation about the “open secret” among African American men and boys has opened up on social media and radio. Think about it, no one ever asks black men to talk about how the struggles they go through every single day affects them.

And if you are one of those who are already judging them because you’re tired of hearing the word ‘racism’ or you think they’re just whining — slow your roll. Or better yet, don’t read this.

This is not about men complaining.

So if you’re someone who truly wants to put your ear to a conversation on how strong, proud black men face the challenges many people don’t have to even think about, listen up.

Two men, one a law professor the other a blogger, share their experiences with being racially profiled. One talks about a time he had to explain this to his kid, who asked “What was that about dad?” Also, these men actually (and probably innately) do things to appear non-threatening.

And one talks about how his being a ‘proud’ black man in a world that forces him to say, “you’re doing this because I’m black” gets lost in the defense.

Personally, I hate that assessment; the one that makes us state (or even think) that something is being done to us because we’re black. That automatically assumes being black as a bad thing. I’d rather assume its because you’re ignorant.

But that’s just me.

So its great to hear from the men in this article because, although black women face their own share of challenges living in this race-conscious society, there is no doubt it doesn’t even compare to the challenges black men of every socio-economic status face daily.

Below are some of their experiences.

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