Phaedra on Steve Harvey

*Phaedra Parks paid a visit to Monday’s episode of “Steve Harvey” to talk about her marital drama that played out on the show this season – including how life has changed since her husband Apollo was sentenced to prison.

Steve also asks Phaedra if the other housewives have been supportive of her throughout the ordeal.

“To answer that, they really haven’t been. Well, I can’t say all of them haven’t been,” she said. “Well, I can’t say all of them haven’t been. Porsha and Nene have been very supportive, but they have been through similar situations. Not like mine, no prison or anything like that, but they’ve had situations in their marriages and relationships that were very difficult that played out in public.

“And so Nene, you know, she has been the person who has called me every day, sent me texts just to make sure I was ok and just really been very supportive. You know, we’re not the best of friends, but she has been a wonderful friend throughout this ordeal.”

phaedra's mom regina bell on steve harvey

Phaedra’s mom Regina Bell tagged along, revealing she is Steve’s biggest fan.

Below, Phaedra shares 20 things you didn’t know about her: