dixon white

Dixon White

*The war on racism just got an unexpected ally from a self-described “redneck” who is calling on white Americans to take responsibility for the practice as well as make it known that they’ve benefitted from it, directly or indirectly.

According to The Huffington Post, the redneck, who released a series of NSFW videos online under the alias Dixon White, is urging white people to take a stand against racism in an effort to get folks to take an honest look at themselves.

In less than 10 days, White’s most popular video has received some 800,000 views on YouTube.

“This country was built for white people and it’s time us Americans — us white Americans — came to terms with that and realize we’re benefitting from that,” White says with a thick southern drawl in the clips, one of which was recorded from the cab of his Ford pickup truck.

“We created a culture and a system of white supremacy that has benefitted us for 400 years. I think maybe it’s about time we stop being lazy as white people and take some fucking responsibility.”

White continues to state his case in a video titled, “I’m a redneck and I love America.” In his eyes, “white racial responsibility” is the name of the new south and America that he sees in current times, a claim White feels must be dealt with.

“There’s a new south and a new America and it’s called white racial responsibility and it’s time we all took some y’all. Let’s take a little bit of white racial responsibility. Let’s start by standing up against it, let’s recognize that in every American institution, in education, financial, healthcare, justice — for God’s sake it’s in justice — in the police departments and our police officers, many of them,” he said.

“And when I talk I’m not talking about all. I’m ain’t saying all white people are bad I’m saying we’ve got an evil called white supremacy in this culture. Stop being defensive. Get off your fucking ass and do something about it. Speak up, don’t ever ignore racism. If you hear something racist, fucking stand as a white American, take some fucking responsibility. It’s the inaction that has always destroyed other people and other nations.”

Although Dixon White expresses his opinion against racism in the videos, he knows first hand about dispensing racist views as he confessed that he was once a white supremacist himself.

“Yeah I’m redneck. I always have been — but this redneck’s reformed,” says White, who he has a white mother and Cuban father wrote on Facebook . “Many years I was a racist and I didn’t like blacks, used to call ’em the N word and what not.”

The turning point for White came when he found himself with a black roommate when he attended college. The situation ultimately resulted in White changing his racist views as well as suffering abuse due to prejudice.

“Once I understood (prejudice), it made me open to not being a product of it and not participating in it,” White told TheRoot.com. “I learned through suffering that I was going to fight against racism. I made an oath to myself and God that I would fight against racism and put it behind me.”

Despite writing a few articles, White turned to video after his work didn’t get as much attention as he hoped. The move has apparently paid off with hundreds of thousands of looks on YouTube as well as the videos getting shared on social media.

As it stands now, White, an actor and filmmaker, has released more videos that call for others to join him in his efforts. In addition, he is hoping to make a movie about white supremacy.

To further aid his mission, HuffPost notes that White is asking Americans to post their own clips of them “owning up to and taking responsibility racially” as a way to “address our culture and systems of white supremacy without a ‘but’ in it and without denial and defense of it.”

The request has generated responses from various people, white and black. Taking to Facebook, White mentioned hopes of a celebrity joining his movement and recording a video.

To see Dixon White’s clips, check out the videos below: