robert griffin III*The Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III saw Tom Brady and the New England Patriots‘ practices during preseason last year, and he was impressed, according to MSN.

“What you do learn from watching (Brady) — and then watching the Patriots organization — you get a big-picture look at it,” Griffin said, via NFL.

“Man, honestly, they operate like a high school football team,” he added. “You remember in high school, how the coach calls everybody up, everybody runs up, gets on a knee and looks at the coach like what he is saying is the most important thing in the world? That’s how the Patriots are.”

When Griffin compared New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick to a high school coach, he meant it as a compliment and a positive thing.

“They’re attentive,” Griffin said. “They run on and off the field. They run after practice. They do what they have to do — and everyone understands, whether they like it or not, this is what it takes to win championships. And they won the championship.”

“For us to see that, as the Washington Redskins — to see exactly where it starts, and then to see the result — that’s big. We can’t ignore that,” he added. “We don’t need to mimic them or try to be like them. We need to create our own culture — but we can learn from some of those things.”