rihanna, v magazine,*Privacy isn’t something Rihanna worries about as a pop star, as bares nearly everything on the cover V Magazine, according to Page Six.

“Do I even give a d–k about [privacy] anymore?” she said. On the cover and in the magazine, she showed off her body with a tiny, colorful bikini and spread.

RiRi has been comfortable in her own skin for quite some time now. She shows off her body on social media and on magazine covers all the time.

But RiRi openness with showing off skin has gotten her in some trouble in the past. TLC criticized her image last year as well as being deleted off of Instagram for six months. Not that she really cares.

Meanwhile, we can only wonder what the powers that be at Mobil Oil are thinking about their iconic logo being used as a prop for RiRi’s “cheeky” pic below.

rihanna (blonde wig - booty pic)