sherri-shepherd*Sherri Shepherd may have taken a serious loss with being ordered to pay child support on the surrogate child she had with her ex-husband Lamar Sally, but to hear her tell it, she’s “doing extremely well.”

“Under the circumstances, I am doing really, really, extremely well,” Shepherd told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t care what I go through, nothing gets me down.”

Shepherd’s comments come amid a string of developments surrounding Sally. The former “The View” co-host filed for divorce from Sally in May 2014. Shepherd and Sally ultimately split, but not without Shepherd cutting all ties with Sally and her giving up custody of their surrogate child.

Recent headlines noted Shepherd’s courtroom defeat as a judge ruled she had to take responsibility for the child, despite her feeling like she was “tricked into having the child.”

Shepherd’s interview with ET marked the first time she spoke on the ruling. Despite the ruling, Shepherd remains positive.

“You know me. I will smile my way through anything. I believe smiling and laughter is the best medicine. So I’m doing extremely well. I think working…keeps my mind centered…” she said.

“Well you know life is difficult so you just hang tough. You keep going. People who know me, my character, my integrity, I feel it speaks for itself. So I’m good.”