*I don’t know about you, but I’ve always hated the word minority when used to described a race of people. It always reminded me of people who are seen as powerless and unimportant.

People on the low totem-pole of society; who have to take what they’re given, and are not expected to want anything more.

So fortunately for me, and many like-minded people, we never claimed that word.

But in what can only be seen as a lightly humored, but compassionate act – a video has been put together by the folks at Huffington Post. It offers guidelines for white people – who the Census Bureau says will see a role-reversal as “the new minority” in as soon as 2045.

We are sure they will need the help of those with experience, in order to transition smoothly and cope with this new status.

Read more and see the video for yourself at EURThisNthat.