john a baker jr

*At a time when all we seem to hear about is black men running from the law, getting killed or being incarcerated as if the white man’s life depended on it, its refreshing to discover a young man who has his energies directed towards a solid financial future.

Someone who, though not a huge TV or film star, has made some waves in the medium – but is not dependent upon it.

John A. Baker, Jr. better known as Spoken Reasons, may or may not be familiar to you, but you can ask his 1.7 million YouTube channel subscribers about him. I’m sure they will confirm his status as  one of the biggest internet celebrities out there today.

At 26-years of age, Baker, a comedian, actor, producer, and poet from Bradenton, Florida, has amassed  a net worth of around $800,000.

And we get the impression he’s just getting started.

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