tina campbell*Tina Campbell stopped by “The Real” with her sister Erica, and she opened up about going into a rage after finding out her husband Teddy Campbell cheated and destroying his car.

Check out the conversation below:

Tamar Braxton: Now, Tina, I’m feeling like you saying “sorta kinda, girl,” ’cause you know last season we saw some infidelities in your marriage…

Tina Campbell: Yeah.

Tamar Braxton: [Continued] …you know, that came to light. And this season, ahem [takes her glasses off] … I gotta take my glasses off for this. This is some real true tea. It looked like you done shot up the man’s car! Did you do that, girl?!

Tina Campbell: I did not shoot up the man … First of all, I don’t own a weapon. I ain’t rented no weapon. I ain’t borrowed no weapon. But when you are angry and when you are enraged, you go get a hammer and you get some scissors and you go crazy and so that’s what I did.

Jeannie Mai: You do what you gotta do!

Tamar Braxton: Well.

Loni Love: I’m from Detroit, them look like bullets.

Watch the clip below: