Gwyneth Paltrow and some (presumably, happy) water.*Come on now, for an article that talks about Gwyneth Paltrow going on a Food Stamp Diet, you didn’t really expect for me to use a glamour shot, did you?

Its not like she’s trying to be a sexy, mischievous, cool substitute teacher on a popular TV show. Nor is she trying to make music with a handsome legendary music man. No, Miss Paltrow is going bare bones. She is curbing her Whole Foods Market appetite and developing a taste for anyplace that will accept EBT.

In other words, Gwyneth is going on food stamps, y’all.

Now before you run off and tell everybody that one of Hollywood’s sweethearts has fallen on hard times; I’ve got one bit of advice for you.


Gwyneth is doing it all for a good cause.

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