Boy posing with gun to head1

*Its hard to imagine a young African American boy still seeing gang banging as something cool. What with all the unarmed black men being killed by police – and it being all in your face because it was recorded raw; on cellphone, by people on the street. But one child is getting a lot of attention after he put photos online showing him celebrating gang life by posing with guns, money and drugs. 

And the general public is eating it up. The youngster has amassed thousands of followers on twitter as a result.

The kid is from Memphis, Tennessee. And as if what he is doing is not bad enough by itself; in the background of one video (scroll down) he appears to be getting egged on by a roomful of adults.

You see a photo of him in one post blowing smoke with the accompanying caption: ‘High Life.’

On another post he blatantly captions: ‘I need a bad b****’, ‘f*** da police’, and ‘gang sh** n****’.

While others feature sexual references, such as: ‘quit suckin my d***’. 

The child is identified by a cousin who spoke with a Memphis television news station as 13-year-old Jonathan.

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