b.b. king*B.B. King’s health has been a point of concern among the singer’s fans and family.

So much so that King’s daughter, Karen Williams, is claiming that the blues legend’s manager, Laverne Toney, is doing more harm than good with isolating King from his family and celebrity friends like Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton. According to TMZ, Williams believes Toney’s actions are a “a sinister plot” to fleece King’s estate.

New legal documents expose claims from Williams, who stated that her father was horribly neglected by Toney. Williams goes on to claim that King fell asleep and bashed his face in after Toney hired a caregiver who got so drunk he fell asleep.

The documents note another accusation from Williams, who mentioned that Toney’s reason for not taking King to the dentist to treat his abscesses was because she says he’s broke. Despite Toney’s reason, Williams countered, claiming that King had a balance of $5 million in his account just last year.

Although she says this is the case, Williams mentioned that this money is being drained from King’s account while referencing more than $453,000 that was withdrawn from the account in April 2014.

Williams claims mark the latest development in the King family’s conflict with Toney. Reports from TMZ reveal that Toney refused to let the family take King to the hospital late last year after he suffered a minor heart attack.

Eventually, King was taken to the hospital and later released after the cops came. While Williams says Toney claimed the singer is at death’s door, she adds that she is suspicious of Toney in light of her not allowing anyone to see King.

As a result, Williams is asking a judge to make her guardian of King’s estate.

But that request has apparently hit a snag.

TMZ sends word that King’s own doctor is disputing Williams’ claims of her dad being grossly mistreated by Toney, who she says ignored clear signs of medical distress

In a statement the site obtained from a lawyer hired by Toney, who claims to rep King, Dr. Darin Brimhall says the following:

“The care and treatment that Mr. King has received, and continues to receive, is medically appropriate and I have seen no signs of any mistreatment of Mr. King.”

Brimhall has been King’s doctor for 10 years, TMZ said while acknowledging that Brimhall doesn’t dispute what Williams said about King being at death’s door.