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Dr. Taffy Wagner, creator of online course, Discover How Obamacare Works, recently released “How to use Your Health Insurance Benefits” to help the millions of newly insured understand health insurance.

*Dr. Taffy Wagner, a health care advocate,  personal finances expert and President of Own Your Health Care, LLC has created a course available now for the millions of people who previously didn’t have health insurance.

How to Use Your Health Insurance Benefits” helps people understand the basics of having health insurance including common terminology often misunderstood. This course will fill in the gap when a newly insured individual gets their packet in the mail accompanied with the usual shrugging of the shoulders as if to say “Now what”?

“Prior to 2013, 53 million Americans didn’t have health insurance. From the first enrollment period to the closing of the second one, there are over 30 million new people who have health insurance for the first time.  With that step comes questions, concerns and understandably confusion.

“How to Use Your Health Insurance Benefits” delves into the who, what, when, where, why and even how to utilize these benefits and maintain them. This course uniquely designed by a health care advocate seeks to answer common questions and more the insurance companies may have overlooked.

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About Dr. Taffy Wagner

Dr. Wagner is a Personal Finances Educator, Best Selling Author and Corporate Benefits Specialist with Ameriplan. She has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The Denver Business Journal, AOL Black Voices, The Associated Press and US News and World Report regarding money and marriage and personal finances. She has conducted seminars for different business groups and small business owners regarding Obamacare. If you are interested in interviewing Dr. Wagner, contact her at [email protected]




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